Flooring Contractor Dublin

Before You Hire a Flooring Contractor

You’ve just got to have that gorgeous wooden laminated floor. Or perhaps a lush woolen carpet is more your speed. Whatever your choice of flooring, you will need a professional to install it.

Flooring Contractor Dublin

Licensed flooring contractors from Professional Flooring based in Dublin will be right at home with whatever material you’ve chosen, and before long, the floor you’ve always wanted will be right under your feet. Here are some tips to help you get started finding the right flooring contractor for your project.

Get References 

If your next-door neighbor or your friend across town has a carpet fitted that’s caught your eye, ask for the name of the person who did the work. Was the contractor honest, knowledgeable, timely? Were his rates reasonable? Did he clean up when the job was done? Was your acquaintance happy with his performance overall? All of this is worthwhile information. Once you have a short list of contractors, do some follow-up. Make sure that they have the licenses, insurance and other documentation required by law.

Get Estimates

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, have several contractors come to look at the area where the job is to be done and the flooring you’ve chosen. They will measure the area, calculate the amount of flooring you will need, and add ten percent to cover waste. Ask them how long they think the job will take, whether any background work needs to be done on the existing floor underneath, what accessories will be needed and, of course, the overall cost.

Get It in Writing

Once you have chosen the contractor to do the work, draw up a contract. The contract should include the type and amount of material, any accessories that are required, and a starting and ending date for the job. If any changes are to be made, make sure to add them to the contract.

Safety First

Depending on the kind of work that needs to be done, there may be times when part of the floor may not be ready for use or may even be missing entirely. Try to make sure that the flooring contractor is at your home when the children are at school or otherwise occupied. If materials need time to set and should not be walked on for a time – in some cases, this may be as long as 48 hours – keep small children and pets away from the work area until the flooring contractor gives the all-clear.

Neatness Counts

If you will be living in the home where the job is to be done, ask the flooring contractor where he will be working and what precautions he will be taking to control dust. Ask whether any rooms need to be sealed with plastic, whether any vents will have to be sealed off temporarily and who will be responsible for cleanup.