How does carpet tile perform?

Carpet tiles serve several functions in the flooring industry. They are user-friendly – most people can handle them with little difficulty. Modular carpet tiles also perform a unique function for commercial use: The backing system is created to take more abuse than normal. Due to the convenient size of the tile, it can be used efficiently in areas that need renovation. They are useful in covering “in-floor” trenches used to house cables and wiring, and in temporary settings, where they need to go down easily for a time and then be removed and used again. Water resistance in carpet tile is very high. Because of the solid vinyl back, water can (and will) channel around the tile, never penetrating into the backing; rather, water remains on just the surface where it can be easily extracted. Carpet tiles can be totally flooded with water, taken up, rinsed off, dried, and reinstalled with a good degree of satisfaction.

Who can use carpet tile?
Small, medium, and large businesses all can use this product. Carpet tiles offer beautiful borders and insets with no hassle. You can be very creative with color and patterns, borders, and even logos. In any place prone to soiling and staining, you can just remove a tile and replace it when necessary.

Size availability makes the quantity of modular carpet tile needed for an installation easy to calculate. Today’s choices allow end-users myriad design opportunities, from a more standard aesthetic to one that is uniquely customized (using non-directional tiles or a variety of different tiles in the same flooring installation).