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Safety Flooring Contractors Dublin

Safety Flooring is slip resistant and highly durable. Often found in commercial properties and public spaces and manufactured by brands such as Altro, Polyflor, Tarkett and Forbo. 

Safety floors also called hard floors offer an impervious, grout free surface that is non-slip, highly durable and resilient and easy to clean. 


You'll find safety floors in toilet blocks, wash rooms, swimming pools, schools, gyms, care homes, commercial kitchens, shops, shopping centres, dentists and hospitals. Some vinyl flooring has anti-bacterial qualities, all of it is easy to clean and able to withstand high traffic. Most is made from vinyl but rubber flooring is desirable in some areas and linoleum is making a big comeback in children's nurseries.

It's not just the speckled vinyl you see in the old fashioned hospitals - safety floors now come in thousands of finishes and colours. We can cut them to create intricate patterns that will make any floor look stunning. We are receiving increased requests for hard flooring in domestic properties because it's beautiful and almost indestructible.

RK Professional Flooring are safety flooring stockists and fitters who specialise in the supply and installation of all types of high quality health and safety flooring across Dublin and the surrounding counties. 

Health and safety law dictates that some spaces must be safe for walking. Our safely flooring meets these regulations, with excellent non-slip properties with soft, yet durable, flooring which will absorb any impact.

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