Non Slip Carpet Flooring for Child & Elderly Safety

Non Slip Carpet Flooring for Child & Elderly Safety

Carpet not only offers aesthetic pleasure, warmth and comfort. It can also give you peace of mind, especially where small children and elderly people are concerned.

Child safety

Do you have young children crawling or learning to walk in your house? They will have a go sooner on a soft carpet. And when they inevitably fall over, there will be less scrapes and bruises than with other flooring. Better for the baby’s body and soul and better for the parents’ tranquility.

Carpeting your baby's room means you will increase the sound insulation and energy saving of the room. A good pile carpet will also provide more comfort and less pressure on gentle joints for crawlers, toddling feet and will protect your baby from getting sore bums with every fall.

A good non-slip carpet can also prove safer for babies and toddlers than a hard floor. Contrary to some common beliefs, a deep pile carpet can actually work better trapping allergens than a hard floor, which allow allergens to circulate around the room. Carpet fibres are proven to trap the dust and allergens into the pile until released by vacuuming. 

Antislip flooring for elderly

Older people who find walking increasingly difficult will feel safer on carpet, because the chances of slipping are very low. A slippery staircase can be made less dangerous with carpet.. And if someone does fall, the risk of fractures and other injuries is considerably lower. Scientific studies have shown that the impact of a fall is absorbed much better by a sufficiently thick carpet. 

Injuries resulting from falls are a major health problem for the elderly. Falls in older people are caused by various factors: dizziness, balance problems, medication, muscle and skeletal conditions, confusion, neurological problems, visual impairments etc. When older people fall, they break bones more often because their bone structure is weaker.  

In a carpeted house there is hardly any chance of slipping and the consequences of a fall are often less serious.