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How to Save Money On School Carpets

Choosing the type of flooring in your preschool, high school, or even daycare can be a very daunting task. First you have to worry about the budget. We all know that we always want the best of everything for the children in our care. Sometimes the budget does not allow for that. So you think, well, I guess we will just get that nasty gray and white tile that was in my school as a child. That is not really saving you money in the long-run. The upkeep alone on those tile floors can be very expensive and time consuming. Not to mention when they get wet, they are pretty slick. Who wants to deal with the parents when their child slips on their spilled milk and seriously injures themselves?

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Carpet for education establishments is a much better solution. Read a little further and you will come to understand many of the benefits of carpeting. In fact, by the time you are done reading this I’ll bet you are ready to get carpet installed in as much of your space as you can.

Carpet is especially good for a commercial environment. You may not think of your space as a commercial environment, but with all of the wear and tear it sees on a regular basis, it is treated like one. Carpet offers quick and easy installation and much more value per dollar than other safe flooring choices.

There are almost an infinite amount of patterns and colors to match any location. From light to dark and solid to polka dots, you can have it all. Carpet for education establishments is a sure bet to tone up, or down, just about any location you can find.

High traffic areas are very common in schools. The edges of the hallways are much more trafficked than the center for example. One of the great things about carpet is that it can be easily removed in sections and replaced with very little cost or effort. Cracked and damaged tiles can’t hold a candle to continuing price savings of carpet.

We have all seen stains on our own carpets at home. Sometimes we are able to get them right up, other times it is much more of a chore. Carpet for education establishments is designed to resist stains and to be much easier to clean. It is also designed to be non-harmful and fire retardant.

These carpets have been tested to stand up to wear and tear and demanding conditions. Everyone remembers the saying about not being able to have nice things because people don’t take care of them? Well, maintaining these carpets is less time consuming and easier than traditional tile floors. You won’t even feel bad about walking across them just after they have been cleaned!

Carpet tiles is another solution for schools and daycare. Carpet tiles offer the benefit of being able to be replaced independently of each other. If a carpet tile becomes damaged or stained beyond your ability to correct it then you can simply have the tile replaced without having to replace large sections of carpet. This is both efficient and cost effective.

Carpet installers will usually be happy to come out and survey your site and give you recommendations on how much carpet you will need for free. They will be able to give you an estimate on labor for installation and recommendations on padding. While this may be a time consuming process for larger locations I can guarantee that it will take less time than those ugly gray and white tiles.

Long-term care for your carpets relies on keeping them relatively clean. Ground in dirt is much harder on the carpet because you have to scrub harder, or steam longer, to get it out. Consider having a professional carpet cleaner once per quarter to clean the carpets thoroughly to maintain your investment.

So when it comes to flooring for your school, give serious consideration to carpet. There are many styles, colors, patterns, and options to choose from and the maintenance is low. It is more affordable than many people think.

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