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How to Choose the Right Carpet Colour for your Office

Choosing the right carpet for your office is not as easy as you think, read on for some tips from the experts

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When choosing the ideal colour commercial carpet for your office, it's important to first consider how much direct sunlight the carpet will be exposed to and what look you hope to achieve with the flooring as a whole.

Patterned carpet can add a touch of class and beauty to your office. This style of carpet allows you to incorporate more than one colour into your floor and presents the opportunity to create interesting, eye-catching, and thought-provoking patterns, which is ideal for an office environment.

When using patterned carpet, there are many options to consider, from creating a pattern that will go from wall-to-wall in the room, to using a pattern for part of the room and having a focal point to help the room pop. 

In addition, patterned carpet can be a great way to dress up an office to showcase your ability to utilise colours and design. This is especially true if your business has anything to do with the design industry. You can even create a signature pattern that will symbolise your business and help visitors remember your company.

Smaller patterns also provide a nice, unique touch to the office, such as the design above.

Tiny patterns like this won't take away the focal point from other aspects of the room and will provide just enough detail to stop the flooring from being too plain.

If your office is on the bland side, bold coloured carpet could help your business make a statement. For example, if you have a bland looking desk or perhaps chairs that are faded, a bold red carpet can create a modern look and dress up the room instantly.

It's best to avoid bold coloured carpets, particularly in a dark shade of colour, if your office is small. Darker colours will only close the walls in even more and potentially be overwhelming in such a small space. However, if you have a spacious office, a dark, bold carpet is ideal.

There are a lot of psychological ideas around bold colour choices for the office and based on your preferences for how you prefer your office to work, the colour choice of your flooring could become a powerful tool.

Red, for example is said to stimulate blood flow for a more energetic work force, whereas blues and greens are said to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere, decreasing heart rate and promoting wellness.

Natural coloured capret or a carpet in earth tones, are ideal for an office that already has a lot going on design wise. In addition, lighter tones and colours are ideal when office space is limited, as it creates the illusion of space.

Natural coloured carpet is especially nice when paired with modern furniture that is already stylistically impressive.

Deciding on the ideal colour for your office's carpet is an important choice. Always remember to consider the message you are trying to convey and then do so through your carpet colour choice, however, don't forget to decorate within the confines of your office's size and shape.