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Durability of carpet/carpet tiles

When looking at durability of carpet tiles you need to consider your budget and the placement of the carpet tiles. Carpet tile quality will vary on cost and what you may think is a low traffic area may be considered high traffic by the carpet's manufacturer.

Carpet Tiles Dublin


Wool, nylon, cut pile, looped pile; it is all irrelevant if the carpet tiles are cheaply and badly made. The old adage of "you get what you pay for" is certainly true with carpet tiles and you need to look closely at any carpet tiles you are purchasing to ensure that the quality is good and product sound. Look closely at the carpet tiles, compare them side by side.

Traffic Zone

If you have five young children, two dogs and you live on a farm you are likely going to need carpet tiles that can take more punishment than one in the apartment of a retired couple who always take their shoes off. Take careful note of where in your house you are looking to lay the carpet tiles and how many times a day it will be walked over. The life of your carpet tiles will depend on the above factors as well the quality of the underlay, the quality of the laying and the continued care that it receives. Don't forget that carpet tiles need attention during its life as well.

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