Commercial Flooring Specialists Dublin

Commercial Flooring Specialists Dublin

Commercial Flooring Specialists Dublin

Crèche And Montessori Flooring 

Health, safety and comfort a priority for flooring at these type of premises.  We have installed contract vinyl to creche and Montessori and will be happy to recommend suitable flooring to your needs and budget.

Hospitality Flooring 

Looking for something unique and individual for your hotel, restaurant, bed and breakfast,  contact us to hear about our range of exciting designs and options for the hospitality sector. 

Hospitals And Nursing Home Flooring

We have installed various flooring options in nursing homes and other hospital environments.

Office And Retail Flooring 

Your office needs to be comfortable and inspirational. With such a huge range to choose from to suit any budget you don’t need to compromise on design layout.

Schools And College Flooring 

Schools and colleges require flooring which is functional, hard wearing, safe and easy to maintain. We can supply and install high quality flooring.

Sports Halls And Gym Flooring 

We can advise on our extensive range of leisure and fitness flooring.

We are a highly recommended flooring company offering a complete personal and professional service for your commercial flooring needs.


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