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Carpet Tiles for the Educational Sector

As they move through their educational journey, children and students have very different requirements, but they all need spaces that engage them and support their learning.

As they move through their educational journey, children and students have very different requirements, but they all need spaces that engage them and support their learning. Redefining education sector flooring space

Everything we’ve learnt from working within the education sector is reflected in our portfolio of creative, innovative and sustainable products.

Easy maintenance, outstanding environmental credentials, excellent durability and great value for money are all features of every product in our range. But it’s the wealth of textures, patterns and colour combinations that give you the power to create unlimited interior design possibilities for your school or further education institution.

Understanding the flooring needs of the education sector

Our knowledge of the education sector has been gained over many years in Universities, Colleges , Schools & Creches.

More and more of our education sector clients are becoming aware of the need to specify products that boost their sustainability credentials, and it’s here where Professional Flooring really excel. 

The variety of styles, colours and textures across our product range give you the freedom to create bespoke interior designs make up of any number of well-defined areas. This helps students and staff make the most of all the available space, whether that’s for teaching, for social gatherings or for meetings.

Reasons to choose Professional Flooring

There are many benefits to choosing Professional Flooring products when creating the perfect learning environment. These can best be summarised under the headings of Better Learning, Greater Value and Wellbeing.

Better Learning

Controlled acoustics

With the right acoustics music sounds more tuneful. Drama becomes more absorbing and quiet areas provide the perfect spot to concentrate in. Carpeted areas make for calm, musical and creative environments.

Reducing noise

Noise can be distracting and make it hard to concentrate, and even normal speech levels can echo throughout a large room. Professional Flooring carpet tiles act as a sound absorber and make noise level control simple.

Space to learn and interact

Bold colours, surface textures and patterns create an environment for effective learning and give a ‘community’ feel to an open space. This helps students better engage with each other. Play areas can be colour-coded to encourage a feeling of belonging and public traffic areas can be carpeted with a calming colour to help lower noise levels and reduce disruptive behaviour. Reception areas can also be made bright and welcoming to students, visitors and parents.

Greater Value

Less waste than broadloom

Carpet tiles create an average of 4% less installation waste compared to broadloom, and up to 12% less compared to other floorings.

Carpet tiles are easy to maintain

Carpet cleaning is cheaper than with hard flooring and our maintenance advisory service can recommend a cleaning programme to suit your needs. Worn or damaged carpet tiles can easily be replaced without having to impact the whole floor area, unlike with hard flooring or broadloom carpet. All our products are heavy contract-rated to withstand a high volume of foot traffic, and are tested for resistance to castor chair wear and tear.  

Warmer than other flooring

Carpet is naturally insulating, which helps reduce heating costs and create a warmer atmosphere than hard flooring. A carpeted room will retain a more even temperature, so heating can be kept slightly lower than with a hard floor.

Well being

Carpet tiles improve air quality

Carpet creates a warm, soft and healthy atmosphere. Dust mites rarely live in carpets and contrary to allergy concerns a well maintained carpet can improve air quality. 

Fight against mould

Our anti-microbial treatment is an option on Interface carpet tiles and this provides additional protection against mould.

A safer place to tread

Secondary school students spend a great deal of time bustling from one activity to the next, and carpet presents a lower risk of injury compared to harder floorcoverings. Plus, because carpet tiles don’t warp or shrink like wood and vinyl, there’s less chance of tripping over them.

Comfort assured

Standing on a hard floor all day long can leave teachers and students with back aches and pains. Carpet has a cushioning effect that counters this strain and our cushion-back products offer increased comfort underfoot.

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