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5 Reasons Why Laminate Flooring Can Be an Ideal Solution for Your Home

Today’s Laminate Flooring is vastly different than the styles that were first introduced to the flooring industry. With improvements in technology, Laminate Flooring has come a long way, quickly making it a popular flooring option.

Laminate Flooring combines the best characteristics of durability, versatility, value, and a realistic appearance for incredible results. Chances are you have recently walked on or noticed a beautiful Laminate Floor without realizing it.

Are you ready to be impressed? Here are five reasons why Laminate Flooring may be a popular choice for updating your current flooring:

1. Pet and Family-Friendly

Laminate floors are durable while being both pet-friendly and family-friendly in high-traffic areas. During a lamination process of heat and pressure, Wood Laminate Flooring’s layers are fused together for enhanced strength and stability for a highly realistic look of hardwood flooring. The top layer helps to protect the Laminate floor from fading, stains, and wear, while an advanced tongue-and-groove locking system combined with each layer helps Laminate Flooring maintain high levels of durability for pet and family-friendly homes!

2. Great for Many Rooms

Laminate Flooring’s versatility allows it to be installed in most any room in your home—even those rooms that receive a lot of traffic, such as entryways and family rooms. Just don’t put it in your bathroom! You’ll even love how easily Laminate floors clean up in the kitchen! Wherever you want the beauty of Hardwood, Stone or Tile without the need for high maintenance, Laminate Flooring may be a great flooring option.

3. Exceptional Value

If you have a limited budget or are looking for something with an exceptional value, Laminate Flooring might be just what you want! Laminate floors are a great hardwood alternative for budget-conscious homeowners—your wallet will thank you! As technology continues to improve Laminate Flooring options realistically emulate the look and feel of Hardwood with less cost.

4. Easier to Clean

Another reason why we love Laminate Flooring? It’s flooring that is easier to clean! Laminate Flooring pairs the beauty of natural wood with less added maintenance. Dust can be easily eliminated, and spills may require only a vacuum, broom, or a slightly damp mop. Now that’s easy! With its ease of maintenance, you can get years of beautiful performance from your Laminate Floor.

5. Highly Realistic Look and Feel

We want gorgeous floors and we want them now! And, with today’s technology, we can! In the past, many people might have been able to tell that Laminate Flooring was fake wood, but with technological advances it can be difficult to tell the difference. Laminate Flooring reproduces the lookof hardware species, grains, coloring, and tight tongue-and-groove locking systems for a highly realistic look and feel—not only do the grain and knots look like real wood, the texture is also like real wood, too!

It’s obvious why Laminate continues to grow in popularity throughout Irish homes today—it’s durable, can be used in many rooms, an exceptional value, easier to clean, and maintains a highly realistic look and feel.